The Practical Lawyer Article: Five Steps To Protect Your Trade Secrets Without a Non-Compete

Partner Amelia Sargent authored an article titled “Five Steps To Protect Your Trade Secrets Without a Non-Compete,” which was published in the December 2021 edition of The Practical Lawyer, a publication by ALI CLE.

Amelia’s article outlines the five steps to protect a trade secret without a non-compete, including:

  1. Identify your business’s trade secrets;
  2. Educate management and your employees about why trade secrets matter;
  3. Tune up your HR policies and procedures;
  4. Involve the IT Department to implement your security—especially when remote work is involved; and
  5. Watch out for employees moving between competitors.

Using the above five steps as a guide, companies can start to proactively manage their trade secrets to keep them protected in a fast-changing world.

To read Amelia’s article, click here.

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