Willenken Secures Dismissals on the Pleadings in Two Recent Cases for Prominent Social Media Company

Willenken recently secured two dismissals on the pleadings for a prominent social media company. The legal team was led by partner Kenneth Trujillo-Jamison and included partner Eileen Ahern and associate Kirby Hsu.

In one case, the plaintiff challenged the company’s decisions about moderating content posted on the company’s social media platform. The California Superior Court held that the plaintiff’s claims were all barred by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides social media companies with immunity from liability for their moderation decisions about user-generated content. The court dismissed the plaintiff’s complaint without leave to amend.

In another case, the plaintiff alleged the company used algorithms that invaded his privacy. After the company removed the case to the Eastern District of Virginia, the Court held that the plaintiff failed to state any plausible invasion of privacy claims and dismissed the complaint with prejudice.