The success of every great business lies in the originality of its ideas. When copyright litigation threatens to disrupt your business, Willenken will safeguard your interests. Our attorneys are experienced copyright litigators, representing clients ranging from large corporations to small start-ups and individuals.

Modern copyright cases often involve complicated technology. Our copyright team, which includes an attorney with an engineering degree and substantial experience patenting software, has the technical expertise to understand these innovations. More than that, we know how to distill the concepts at issue down to narratives that judges and juries can understand and appreciate. We know how to present clear, compelling arguments in both offensive and defensive litigation. Simply put, we know how to win.

Our team is capable of handling some of the most complex copyright cases. This builds on our significant experience with traditional copyright litigation, representing clients in the entertainment, fashion, and retail industries, as well as individuals. Regardless of a client’s size, needs, and goals, we have the resolved ability to provide strong advocacy on their behalf. For example, one of our successful cases involved defending a large retailer against claims that it infringed fabric design patterns. In another case, we prevailed in asserting copyrights on behalf of an individual toymaker in an infringement suit against two giants—a multinational toy manufacturer and one of the largest media companies in the world.

When working with our clients, Willenken lawyers seek to establish copyright protection and enforcement goals, then develop strategies to achieve those goals domestically and internationally through partner firms. Our attorneys have experience obtaining copyrights and licensing copyright portfolios, which informs our expertise in defining appropriate strategies with clients. We are also equally familiar with non-litigation strategies to resolve disputes, such as the issuance of Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to third-party internet service providers and websites.

Because of this breadth of experience, Willenken lawyers are often asked to write articles and present CLE seminars of copyright issues for in-house legal departments, the Association of Corporate Counsel, and the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

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