Willenken’s leading e-Discovery team advises clients on tech solutions related to e-Discovery obligations and case management, for a wide range of legal matters, including contract disputes, trade secret litigation, and government investigations.

Our attorneys are adept at identifying the optimal e-Discovery tools and techniques for conducting focused, efficient case development with the ultimate goal of developing a winning case narrative. Our team guides cases through increasingly complex processes, thereby helping to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. Our e-Discovery capabilities are exceptional for a boutique litigation firm, and often exceed the capabilities of much larger law firms.

Our e-Discovery capabilities relate to a broad spectrum of industries, including pharmaceuticals, higher education, private equity, insurance, consumer banking, and television production. Our experience includes training and leading document review teams, working with experts to conduct forensic collections, creating data identification and collection plans, and managing critical documents, and key facts, to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. We have in-depth experience managing e-discovery in-house, with tools which in appropriate cases make document management more efficient and facilitate the story-build process that we undertake in formulating trial theories and themes.

Our attorneys frequently liaise with experts to conduct forensic examinations and report in confidential trade secret matters. We are adept at analyzing forensic reporting, such as link file artifacts and jump list files reports. Our attorneys have experience advising, both individuals and companies, in trade secret misappropriation matters, preparing experts to testify, and achieving fast, positive results for our clients.

Willenken also has in-depth experience with various hosting platforms and knows how to leverage each platform’s unique features to best serve a particular case’s needs. We provide CLE training related to best practices in e-Discovery for law firms and companies of all sizes.

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