Webinar: ABCs of Art Law

Partner Amelia Sargent will discuss the topic of Artifacts & Cultural Heritage during the “ABCs of Art Law” webinar which will be co-hosted by the Center for Art Law and Dartmouth Lawyers Association.

Amelia will give an overview of the different frameworks for dealing with issues in cultural heritage law, including issues of preservation and restitution, and discussing current controversies.

This webinar will also cover banking rules as they relate to the art market and will outline the basics of copyright law as they apply to the visual arts, with a special focus on fair use and cases involving appropriation art.


  • Amelia Sargent, Willenken LLP
  • Daphne Chen Matthews, Chen Matthews Legal and Consulting Services
  • Matthew Giger, Rosenberg, Giger and Perala P.C.
  • Irina Tarsis, Center for Art Law (moderator)

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