Webinar: Defying Convention ─ Unconventional Terms to Manage Litigation Risk

    Partners Paul Loh and Jason Wilson will present a CLE presentation titled “Defying Convention: Unconventional Terms to Manage Litigation Risk,” during the Association of Corporate Counsel’s (ACC) Southwest Ohio Chapter’s “Just in Time” 2020 virtual CLE seminar.

    Paul and Jason’s presentation will address the unconventional terms available to in-house counsel to manage litigation risk. One of the pieces of conventional wisdom in drafting contracts is that you should go to arbitration, but that may not actually be the wisest move. Many contracting lawyers include binding arbitration clauses, attorneys’ fees clauses, etc., thinking that those terms are best for your organization.

    However, using arbitration clauses as an example, the speakers contend that the conventional wisdom is wrong on conventional terms. Instead, there are numerous unique or alternative terms that contract attorneys should use more often that may actually be more effective than conventional terms in mitigating litigation risk.

    Jason and Paul will also provide real-life examples on how including unconventional terms in your contracts will minimize the risk, and maximize the outcome when your company is faced with litigation.

    Learn more about the “Just In Time” CLE Seminar here.

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