To Send or Not to Send: Email, Privilege, and Competence

Purchase the live recording here of a webinar presented by Amelia Sargent.

“To Send or Not To Send: Email, Privilege, and Competence,” hosted by American Law Institute Continuing Legal Education (ALI CLE), covers how attorneys need to be prepared to protect client privilege through email communications while meeting the demands of today’s fast-paced practice.

Amelia explores the extent of counsels’ ethical obligations to their clients and staff, provides guidance on proactive measures they can take today to minimize tomorrow’s mistakes, and imparts strategies on mitigating the deleterious impacts of unintended privilege waivers.

The webinar qualifies for ethics credit and is designed for all attorneys regardless of practice area, as well as other legal professionals at law firms and within corporate legal departments.


ALI CLE, a non-profit organization, is the continuing legal education division of the American Law Institute. It is committed to promoting continuing professional education for lawyers throughout the U.S. and creating standards to ensure quality and relevance in CLE programs. Learn more about ALI CLE here.

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