Kenneth Trujillo-Jamison Joins California Minority Counsel Program’s Ambassadors Council

Kenneth Trujillo-Jamison Joins California Minority Counsel Program’s Ambassadors Council

    Willenken is pleased to announce that Kenneth Trujillo-Jamison, senior associate, has been selected to join the California Minority Counsel Program (CMCP) Ambassadors Council.

    The Ambassadors Council is a highly selective group of California-based in-house and law firm attorneys of color with a demonstrated record of promoting diversity in the legal profession. As a CMCP Ambassador, Kenneth will work to expand CMCP outreach and provide support to its inclusion and diversity efforts. Kenneth will also serve as the Ambassadors Council’s Appointments Committee Chair, leading efforts to select the next class of CMCP Ambassadors.

    Kenneth has been involved in diversity initiatives throughout his career. Last year, he helped organize the CMCP Annual Business Conference. He has also been a Pathfinder in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity program.

    “We are thrilled that Kenneth will be representing Willenken at the CMCP and continuing to champion inclusion and diversity within the legal profession.”

    Paul Loh, managing partner

    About CMCP

    The California Minority Counsel Program is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the legal profession by providing attorneys of color with access and opportunity for business and professional development.

    Through its programming and events, CMCP provides multiple ways for minority attorneys to make connections, showcase their skills, gain access to decision-makers, expand their networks, and develop relationships that further their careers and lead to business and job opportunities. In response to COVID-19, CMCP will be running some events as webinars. The 2020 CMCP Annual Business Conference remains scheduled for Sept. 20th to Sept. 22nd.

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