Firm Wins Another UDRP Arbitration

In 2010, Willenken once again represented Legal Rights Defenders, Inc., the owner of the trademark 1-800-THE-LAW2® and the domain name, in a Uniform Dispute Resolution Proceeding (UDRP) arbitration before the World Intellectual Property Organization.

This time, the firm filed the UDRP proceeding against the registrant of Legal Rights Defenders argued that the registrant of the offending domain name was improperly using a domain name that was confusingly similar to 1-800-THE-LAW2® in a bad faith effort to attract visitors to the registrant’s website for commercial gain. In this case, the registrant was using the website to redirect traffic to a lawyer in Southern California which is where Legal Rights Defenders is located.

Once again, the UDRP panelist found in favor of the firm’s client and ordered that the domain name be transferred to Legal Rights Defenders.