Trial Is Not a Crisis but an Opportunity for Success – Episode 4: A Trial Is Like a Movie, Part 3

    Watch Partner Jason Wilson’s latest three-minute video in the “Trial Is Not a Crisis but an Opportunity for Success” Series.

    In the fourth video, titled “A Trial Is Like a Movie, Part 3 – Who is your screenwriter?” Jason compares great trials to great movies and discusses three reasons why the lawyer, and not the client, should serve as the screenwriter of the case and dictate the story to leverage and highlight the most positive aspects of the client’s case.

    In the video, Jason explains why the lawyer should always be the screenwriter, reasoning that:

    1. The client should not be dictating the story as the client doesn’t know the legal standards to meet;
    2. Most clients have a tendency to edit out or paper over bad facts; and
    3. Great facts are at times not easily accessible for clients and should be managed by the lawyer.

    To watch Jason’s video, click here.

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