Trial Is Not a Crisis but an Opportunity for Success – Episode 6: A Trial Is Like a Movie, Part 5

Enjoy watching partner Jason Wilson’s 6th video in the “Trial Is Not a Crisis but an Opportunity for Success” Series.

In Jason’s newest 3-minute video titled “A Trial Is Like a Movie, Part 5 – What’s Your Role?” he continues to discuss the analogy between great trials and great movies. In this video, Jason focuses on the movie director, who must make decisions on what events and story lines to focus on to successfully tell the film’s key story and captivate the audience.

Jason then compares the role of a movie director to a trial lawyer, who also needs to present a persuasive story and come up with a winning strategy to convincingly demonstrate that the adversary had the knowledge and the control to avoid the injury that occurred in the lawsuit.

Another important decision that a trial lawyer has to make is the selection of which witnesses to star in the trial to effectively tell the story from the client’s perspective to ultimately win the case.

To watch Jason’s video and learn more, click here.

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